Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why should I choose PatisoL?
Choosing PatisoL means adding elegance, functionality, and protection to your outdoor space. Our outdoor structures are stylish, durable, and perfect for the whole family to enjoy. We prioritize high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring years of use and making your backyard shine.

2.What materials does PatisoL use?
At PatisoL, we carefully source top-quality materials that not only offer a beautiful aesthetic but also provide durability. Our products are made from high-quality aluminum extrusions, coated with UV protection, to ensure longevity.

3.Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Absolutely! We offer warranties on our products. Warranty terms and conditions may vary by model, and you can contact PatisoL team by email for specific details for each product, we will response timely.

4.How will my outdoor structure arrive?
Your outdoor structure will arrive conveniently packaged in multiple boxes. Depending on the model, it will be shipped either with FedEx/UPS or on a pallet by truck which needs appointment delivery.

5.Are your products difficult to assemble?
Good news! Our pergolas are designed with DIY assembly in mind. While they are generally easy to assemble, some larger parts may require assistance, reducing overall installation time.

6.Do I need a building permit on installation of awning or pergola?
It's always a good idea to check with your local municipality before installing a pergola, as some municipalities may have specific regulations regarding the size of structures permitted on your property.

7.Is the height adjustable for the pergola?
By default, the height of our pergolas is not adjustable. However, if you need to shorten the height, you have the option to cut the legs. Please note that this will void the warranty.

8.Is the pergola rust-proof?
Absolutely! Our pergolas are fully rust-proof. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, they are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their pristine appearance.

9.Is the roof of the pergola rain-proof?
Our pergolas are designed to withstand regular rainy conditions. The roof is engineered to direct rainwater into a guttering system, which channels the water down through the legs internally. While leakage may occur during extreme weather or heavy downpours due to the drainage system's capacity, it functions similar to the guttering on a house or external drain.

10.Can the pergola be moved once assembled?
Certainly! Once your pergola is installed, it can be moved if needed. Additionally, if you're moving to a new house, the pergola can be disassembled and relocated with ease.

11.How often should I maintain my pergola?
Maintaining your pergola is hassle-free! Our pergolas are practically maintenance-free, requiring minimal servicing. The frame can be easily washed every few months, while the gutters can be cleared with a jet wash.